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Expresolv Limited, formerly identified as Expresolv Pvt. Ltd, was established in June 2016 under the visionary leadership of Mr. Arvind Patel, a seasoned veteran with 23 years of experience in the chemical trading business. His journey commenced back in 1996 when he founded A & A Orgo Chem, marking the inception of his enduring career in the industry.

Expresolv takes immense pride in its ability to provide a comprehensive spectrum of chemical solutions. This encompasses bulk fine chemicals, specialty chemicals, and excipient grade chemicals, all fortified by the company's in-house manufacturing facility, robust quality control systems, and dedicated logistics support. The company's dedication extends not only to its suppliers and distributors but also to its valued employees and its collaborative relationships with customers.

Expresolv's product portfolio is designed to cater to a diverse array of industries, including pharmaceuticals, beverages, paints, food, electronics, and agrochemicals. These chemicals stand out due to their complexity, singularity, and unmatched purity. They are meticulously crafted in limited quantities within versatile multipurpose plants, utilizing advanced multistep batch chemical processes that adhere to the most exacting specifications. These chemical substances hold a pivotal role in various processes within the chemicals and pharmaceuticals industries, exemplifying Expresolv's steadfast commitment to delivering quality and fostering innovation.

In essence, Expresolv Limited, formerly recognized as Expresolv Pvt. Ltd, represents a pinnacle of achievement in the chemical trading landscape. Founded by the industrious Mr. Arvind Patel, who boasts an impressive 23-year journey in the industry, the company's roots date back to the establishment of A & A Orgo Chem in 1996. Expresolv's strength lies in its capacity to offer an extensive array of chemical solutions, from bulk fine chemicals to specialty and excipient grade chemicals. This offering is fortified by the presence of an in-house manufacturing facility, stringent quality control systems, and dedicated logistics support, all reinforcing its commitment to suppliers, distributors, employees, and the collaborative spirit with its customers.

Expresolv's product range, tailored for pharmaceuticals, beverages, paints, food, electronics, and agrochemicals, comprises intricate, pure chemical substances produced in limited quantities. These chemicals are born from multistep batch chemical processes conducted in multipurpose plants, adhering to rigorous specifications. Their essential role in the chemicals and pharmaceuticals industries underscores Expresolv's unwavering dedication to quality and innovation.