Manufacturing Infrastructure

Located in Bhayla, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility stands as a beacon of quality and safety. It proudly holds ISO 9001:2015 certification and has earned the approval of the State FDA. Our production capabilities are bolstered by the presence of cutting-edge equipment, such as Glass reactors & SS Reactors and receivers, ranging from 200 ltr to 3000 Ltr in capacity.

Notably, our manufacturing unit is well-equipped to handle a wide spectrum of products, including high-boiler substances, thanks to our advanced vacuum distillation unit. This specialized feature enables us to cater to diverse and complex chemical processing needs, making our facility a trusted partner for a range of industries that rely on precise and efficient manufacturing. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety, ensuring the satisfaction of our customers and regulatory authorities.

Quality Control & Quality Assurance

Our state-of-the-art Quality Control facilities are equipped with a comprehensive range of analytical instruments, including GC, GC-HS, UV, and KF titrators. These facilities are staffed by a team of highly competent and expert chemists who ensure the strictest quality standards are met. Our Quality Assurance (QA) team diligently monitors the implementation of our Quality Management System (QMS) around the clock, guaranteeing the consistency and excellence of our processes.

At Expresolv, our dedicated technical team is unwavering in their commitment to meeting and exceeding customer requirements. They are not only responsive but also proactive in addressing the unique needs of our valued clientele. Our collaborative and customer-centric approach ensures that we provide tailored solutions and top-notch support, making Expresolv a trusted partner for all your chemical and technical needs.

Packing Section

Our packing area is meticulously upheld to the standards of a cleanroom environment, specifically as a Class 1 lac facility, in full compliance with rigorous quality systems. Thoughtful planning goes into optimizing the flow of both personnel and materials, ensuring safety in operations and efficient product handling. This careful arrangement of space guarantees that products are packed and stored under conditions that preserve their quality and efficacy, adhering to the highest standards.

The infrastructure is designed with precision to mitigate the risk of cross-contamination and mix-ups, thereby elevating our control measures to superior levels. Our commitment to maintaining the integrity of our products is evident in the immaculate conditions and systematic processes within our packing area. We take great care to uphold the quality and safety of our operations, ensuring that our products consistently meet and exceed regulatory and customer expectations.


Expresolv Ltd places a steadfast emphasis on enhancing its operations, not only from an ecological perspective but also with a keen eye on fire safety. Our commitment to adopting state-of-the-art technology is unwavering, with a core focus on solutions that are both environmentally sustainable and safe for operation. In doing so, we strive to uphold our corporate responsibility while safeguarding our workforce and the broader community.

Our company's prosperity is intrinsically linked to the execution of manufacturing processes that are highly efficient and resource-conscious. By minimizing energy consumption and optimizing the utilization of raw materials, we not only reduce our carbon footprint but also ensure that our operations have zero detrimental impact on the well-being of our employees and society at large.

Furthermore, we maintain a stringent protocol for addressing the vital matter of fire safety. All effluent generated on our premises undergoes on-site treatment, ensuring strict adherence to regulatory standards. Our commitment to fire safety extends to comprehensive training and rigorous monitoring of health and safety compliance. These practices are not merely an obligation but a core priority at Expresolv, and we conduct them at regular intervals to ensure that the well-being and security of our workforce and the surrounding community remain uncompromised.